I am a young filmmaker from Québec doing my master in “Character Animation & Filmmaking” at “Gobelins, l’école de l’image”. 
While studying at Gobelins, I have had the opportunity to experience teamwork on different animated projects. Pre-production is my favorite part of the process. I am excellent at building a story and reworking it, whether it is the writing or the different camera angles to use. I very much enjoy seeing the film take shape. Throughout the process, I am fond of communicating different ideas with other passionate filmmakers to make the story better.
Moreover, during my studies I also revived the old student association from Concordia University and was elected president for two consecutive years. I created and organized events, workshops, and talks for the animation students as well as collective projects to promote their artworks. I also established connections with highly esteemed animators like Frederic Back and Koji Yamamura and brought them as guest speakers for the students. Beside school, I volunteered and collaborated with fellow student Yoshino Aoki for a special screening, which raised $5,000 to help Japan after the 2011 earthquake. I made presentations in high schools for students with learning disabilities. I also made a last homage to Frederic Back by donating 2000 little trees to schools with the help of the UNESCO. Finally, I received from the Concordia University the “Outstanding contribution award” for my involvement in the community.

Obin_Myriam CV_2017_ENG